Have Mic, Will Travel

Go Mic Pentax Pic

I have been tempted by all you podcasting types to go get myself my first microphone.

Having pondered all kinds of advice and reviews, not least from the esteemed Braxwolf, I went for the Samson Go Mic, a small portable condenser mic. (Before I read Brax’s post I didn’t know what that was, now I sound all technical!)

Amazon only delivered it today, and I’ve yet to do much beyond test that I can actually record with it. It’s small, feels solid and well made, and should be highly flexible. It did a decent job of recording me and not my PC fans in my quick test.

Looks like this will be a nice first mic for use at the desktop, and I’ll probably be able to get it to work with my iPad Mini and maybe my Android phone as well. Of course connecting to the iPad would require a cable that will cost almost as much as the mic itself. Because Apple.

For anyone that’s interested in learning more about the mic, there’s a useful review here, and a great guide to choosing a microphone here.

Those guys even have a nice little demo of various mics which helped convinced me the Go would be pretty good. I’ll try to embed the demo, but I don’t know how well WordPress will cope with it.


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