Inner Adult, Inner Child

Over on Thinking Play I discussed the pros and cons of buying a certain game in a rational fashion. That’s the logic, but the emotion was a little different. The internal conversation was a bit like parent and child, and went something like this…

Little Pasduil: I want this game!!! Can I have this game???

Adult Pasduil: Oh, what do you like about this game?

Little Paduil: Umm... urr... I don't know... it's cool... and all my friends have it...

Adult Pasduil: But you have lots of games like that already, and you never play them.

Little Pasduil: This game's different. I will play this one! I really will.

Adult Pasduil: But that's what you said about those other games!

Little Pasduil: But this time I really will!

Adult Pasduil: Hmm.

Little Pasduil: ...

Adult Pasduil: Don't you have too much work to do right now to have time for more games?

Little Pasduil: I suppose. But it's a game that's really good for fitting in around work! I'll be able to work better that way, with nice breaks!

Adult Pasduil: laughs

Little Pasduil: That's not fair.

Adult Pasduil: If you still want it when the next sale comes around, we'll see. In the mean time be a good boy and get on with your work.


5 thoughts on “Inner Adult, Inner Child

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  2. I went through this on Friday over The Evil Within. I think I knew deep down that I was going to end up walking away with the game anyway, but I had to come up with enough of a reasoning to ease the guilt from spending money I knew I shouldn’t be. Well I had been in the mood for a horror game for a while now; Halloween is coming up and I always get a new horror game around this time of year anyway; I found some money I didn’t even realize I had so what’s the harm in putting it to; I haven’t treated myself to an expensive game for a while now; I’m feeling down I deserve a pick-me-up. Then on the other side, oh but I shouldn’t invest the time and money on this; I already have tonnes of games I haven’t played yet; You don’t even know if it’s going to be any good; you only decided you wanted it on a whim after seeing one trailer for it. Oh but that trailer made it look so good and I just so want it.

    In the end my boyfriend picked up the game, shoved it into my hands and said he was giving me permission to buy it, lol. I don’t always go through this process and quite often I won’t spend more then £20 on a game; after all prices drop so quickly these days and new ones come out so rapidly. The thing is, if I’m really keen and I do spend more on a new release then I know it’s going to be one of those rush home eagerly and throw it into the console moments; while In constrast I may not get around to playing the cheaper ones right away. I also wanted to play it now before my attention was distracted elsewhere and I forgot about it – or maybe I’m just rationalising again. I’m loving the game though so no regrets :P.

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