First World Problems

I can’t believe I’ve succumbed to such things, but I have. I find myself feeling frustrated because I’d like to watch my show lounging on the bed, but I can’t because the iPad needs charging. So I have to watch it on the HDTV instead while sitting on a comfy sofa.

The horror of our modern lives, huh?


2 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. Modern life really is tough!

    I have no TV*, I broke it with a phone thrown in anger, the phone only recently replaced, no ipad or tablet… my wife owns a old desktop pc which is sounding like it requires a refit… I do rent an old house with a huge garden and a swimming pool, which is more like a pond, neglected for the Argentinian winter…

    Maybe some anger management will be required before I get another new TV…or maybe I will get a tough old vacuum tubed TV which wouldn’t have even been scratched…flimsy modern flat screen TVs!


  2. They say that when you’re feeling unhappy with your lot, thinking about someone else who’s got it worse puts your problems in perspective. In this case, hearing about your lack of tech just makes me feel guilty for my plethora of devices!

    Lately I’ve been thinking it might be good to have some tech-free days to restore my sanity.

    I don’t know about Argentina, but around here it’s damn near impossible to buy a CRT TV. Mind you some of us have old CRT monitors sitting around and cluttering up the place that we have no idea what to do with!


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