Android apps on iPad via Windows!


I don’t have an Android tablet, but there’s an Android-only app that I wanted to use on my iPad, and I came up with a way to do just that. My method is enjoyably perverse.

What you’re seeing in the picture is an iPad screenshot. What it shows is this…

  • An Android app (Droidfish) is running on a Windows desktop PC inside an Android emulator (Genymotion)
  • The iPad is accessing that Windows machine via Chrome Remote Desktop

I could have zoomed in to fill up the iPad screen with the app but I wanted to show that it’s Android on Windows on iPad, so I included a fair bit of the Windows 7 desktop.

Probably not something a lot of people will want to do very often, but it’s kinda fun to see an Android app appearing your iPad, and in this case actually it’s pretty useful to me!

The whole thing works fairly smoothly, and the raw processing power of the desktop PC means the intensive computations that chess programs have to do when analyzing actually probably go faster than they would on a real tablet.

Mind you if I end up doing this frequently, I might get myself an actual Nexus 7.


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